UB Bonus Code

These days, there is really no difference between the UB bonus code and any other marketing, referral or affiliate codes that you might see from the same organization. Even though UB will sometimes keep different names for different codes, the fact of the matter is that for functional purposes you’ll find that they all basically do the same thing. As a result, even though the different names are still employed, you’ll find out quite quickly that those different names are also interchangeable.

This is why even though you might have seen it under another name, the UB bonus code is UBALLIN. When you are signing up for your real money account at the UB online poker service, you’ll need to use this code in the appropriate field in order to get the benefits that come with using the UB bonus code.

The main benefit that you’ll get from using the UB bonus code is a bonus from UB. In other words, you’ll get a signup bonus that will be applied to your account based on the first deposit that you make into your new UB real money account. The bonus that will be applied to that deposit will be in the amount of 111% of the amount deposited up to a maximum bonus amount of $1100. That bonus, which is a sweet deal, will be yours if you make sure to use the UB bonus code UBALLIN when you are signing up for your real money UB account.

The reason the $1100 bonus being offered by UB is a sweet deal is that it is much larger than most of the other signup bonuses that you’ll see on the market these days. When you consider the fact that most sites will offer bonuses ranging from $100 to $600, you can see that even at the higher end of that average the UB bonus is almost twice the amount that you can expect to get from another online poker website. That makes it an exceptionally sweet bonus that everyone should certainly go after if at all possible.

With that in mind, making sure that you use the UBALLIN code during the signup process is something that you should prioritize. In fact, you might as well head over to the UB website right now and sign up for that real money account immediately. It is the best way to make sure that you lock in your eligibility for that mammoth first time deposit bonus.