UB Download

As this website has already discussed, there are many different reasons for you to appreciate the UB online poker site. There is the great service, the great traffic, the great software and the great promotions. The promotional code UBALLIN for the 111% up to $1100 signup bonus alone should be enough to get someone’s mouth watering for all of that lovely bonus money. Before you can start getting to work on the business of clearing that bonus money however, you need to download and install the UB software.

There is nothing particularly special about the UB software in terms of the setup process that would make it different from any other online poker site to set up. In fact, it is really just like downloading any executable installation file and then running it once the download has been completed.

You’ll get a link right from the main UB website to the download and once you’ve clicked on it you’ll open up a dialogue box that gives you the choice to save the software to your hard drive or to run it directly from the UB server. The first will allow you to keep a local copy of the installer just in case something goes wrong, but the second will not tie up any disk space on your hard drive. Choose the one that is better for your current situation and then continue onto the next part of the download process.

The next part of the download process requires that you wait for the actual download to complete. Depending on the particular statistics of your internet connection, this could take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes as the file is several megabytes in size. If you have a slower internet connection, saving the file to your hard drive might be a good idea since you’d have to go through this again if you ran it from the UB server and then ended up needing to access the installation files once again.

Once the download has been completed however, the UB download process is essentially over. Installation and account setup will follow, both of which are just as easy to go through as the download process outlined above.

The one thing worth mentioning however is that during the account setup phase, you need to make sure that you remember to use the UBALLIN promotional code in order to lock in your eligibility for the 111% up to $1100 signup bonus.