UB Poker

The UB poker experience is most definitely one of the best that you can expect to find online. There are many reasons from this from the star-studded line up of people willing to go to bat for the website all the way to the amazing promotional offers that UB has when compared to the other online websites in the business.

A good place to start in fact is with the promotional offers that UB brings to the table as part of its UB poker operation. If you use the bonus code UBALLIN when signing up for your real money UB account, you’ll be able to find out quite quickly that UB poker has a bonus of 111% up to $1100 available for you. This is an enormous bonus amount that is more than twice what most of the other online poker sites offer in a first time deposit bonus. Coming from a site as reputable as UB, this is something that is definitely worth cherishing.

Another thing to love about UB is its amazing poker traffic statistics. Together with its sister site Absolute Poker, UB is able to boast nearly 4000 cash game players on its servers during the peak times of the day. Even during the low point of the day you can expect that number to stay above 2000 players, something that means that you’ll always be able to find some good cash game action on the website. The tournament numbers are similar, allowing you to get good sit and go action around the clock at the UB poker operation.

A third point in favor of the UB poker operation is the amazing people that they have working for them. One example is Phil Hellmuth, the all-time leader in World Series of Poker bracelets and one of the few that has won the World Series of Poker Main Event. A second example is Annie Duke, the sister of Poker Professor Howard Lederer and easily one of the most successful women to ever sit down at the green of a poker table.

Finally, the UB software is also something that is worth noting in full. With the recent rebranding of the site to UB from Ultimate Bet, the software has actually gone through an overhaul to make it look nicer and work better. The end result is a nicer interface that is easier to navigate and many more features that have catapulted this particular software package to the top of the poker charts as far as excellence is concerned.

These are not the only great things about UB poker, but they are certainly more than enough to illustrate just how good this particular online website happens to be. If you need any more evidence in order to make you take action, the best way to get that evidence would be to experience the UB poker difference for yourself. Use the UBALLIN code and sign up for your real money UB account right now. It is the best way to see just how much this site has to offer the average poker player.