UB Poker Review

UB, previously known as Ultimate Bet, is one of the premier online poker websites of the current time. There are many reasons why this is true, but in the overall sense UB poker is online poker that you can count on in many different areas. Even though the number of reputable sites out there is growing with each passing day, UB has been a rock in a sometimes stormy sea and for that reason they definitely deserve to get noticed and recognized for their contribution to the online poker community.

This does not mean that you’ll be doing UB a huge favor by playing at their website however. They certainly value your consumerism, but at the same time they are willing to work very hard in order to get it. A good example of this is their amazing promotional signup bonus offer. If you use UB referral code “UBALLIN” when signing up for your real money account at UB, you will get a first time deposit bonus worth 111% of your first deposit up to a maximum bonus amount of $1100. That is a very large poker bonus that is nearly twice as large as anything similar or larger websites are offering.

Speaking of different website sizes, another thing that you will quickly come to appreciate about UB is their traffic count. With more than 10,000 total player and 2000 cash game players on the site at just about all times, you can always count on a game being available when you play online poker at UB.

If you’re still having problems coming to grips with a final opinion on the UB service, think about the caliber of players endorsing this particular online website. Would people like Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke endorse an online poker website that they felt was subpar in some way? There are plenty of great online poker websites out there these days for stars to get behind, so people with their reputations to protect do not have to do anything else but go for the best in the business. Obviously, Phil and Annie both feel that the online poker community is best located in the UB website. Those are two enormous votes of confidence that you should certainly pay attention to.

One final thing that is worth mentioning about UB is their intense security. When you take a look at all of the different things that UB does in order to make sure that your money is kept safe, the best final conclusion for you to reach is that these guys are willing to go all out in order to make sure that you have a safe and secure experience when you play online poker at UB. Everyone tries to do this, but few succeed at it to the level that UB has.

With all these things in mind, the time to get started at UB really is right now. Head over to their website and use the UB referral code “UBALLIN” to get your extra large signup bonus today.